Training courses and conferences

Do you need customized training courses that are adapted to the reality of your company and that are immediately functional? TEKOA specifically designs interactive and functional training courses for your problems, as well as very practical tools, which can immediately be applied to specific situations.

Do you want to rally your teams around major themes, targeted reflections, unifying topics, associated with your internal communication needs? TEKOA develops conferences connected to your concerns, followed by workshops to open up a dialogue between the teams and seek tangible solutions.

Examples for Team leadership

  • Increase the cohesion of a team of municipal authorities and heads of departments in a municipality: training and coaching development.
  • Improve the leadership of environmental and IT project managers: develop training that provides the keys and tools to organize and facilitate efficient sessions.
  • For the “ExecutiveMBA” programs of the University of Geneva, the HEID Institute and other training institutes: organised “Teamwork, Team leadership and participatory management” training courses.
  • For Swissmarketing: designed the conference “Is it possible to combine kindness and performance? »
  • For the AAA Foundation: designed the conference “A journey into the world of diversity”

Exemples pour le self-leadership

  • Developed the training course “Asserting yourself and knowing how to say no: for environment-focused project managers.”
  • Created a conference focused on the need for recognition for the International Coach Federation, followed by an internal workshop.

Examples for Communication

  • Better communication to prevent conflicts: several training courses for IT project managers, watchmakers and bank managers.
  • For the SANU of Bienne – training organization for the environmental sector: negotiation techniques and conflict management training.
  • For the CNAM institution in Paris: “Business Communication” training, as part of the International MBA.
  • Learn how to present a technical case in front of an audience: practical seminars for IT engineers, urban planners and other technical experts