Workshops in collective intelligence

How can we develop a collaborative approach that generates new ideas and unites the team around common commitments; to face challenges in a sustainable and inclusive way?


Collective intelligence develops a common vision between the different departments of the company to ensure consistency and everyone’s commitment to the execution of the projects.

Examples of workshops in collective intelligence

  • TEKOA conducted a workshop on Collective Intelligence with the management team of SCI-Services, a company specialized in industrial hygiene. This program allowed it to engage in a pragmatic reflection aimed at implementing an effective work process with remote teams. This approach has significantly improved team cohesion.
  • TEKOA organized an innovation-oriented brainstorming session for a Swiss State department to support it in its reorganization and redefinition of its key objectives.
  • TEKOA allowed 30 architecture project managers from a Swiss State Department to co-create their joint communication charter together