france and germany were once part of what feudal kingdomfrance and germany were once part of what feudal kingdom

france and germany were once part of what feudal kingdom france and germany were once part of what feudal kingdom

In which city was the worlds first international soccer match held? Which Ceroli Chieftain safeguards the Whitestone Tower? What is the largest living species of bird in the world? Who designed the current World Cup trophy? Storming of the Bastille: From the 17th to 19th centuries, the Kingdom of Prussia was mostly in which modern country? Bourgeoisie. Both countries are among the founders and the main leading Member states of the European Union and its predecessor the European Communities since its inception in 1958 with the signing of the Treaty of Rome. Which school of painting would Georges Seurat be a representative of? How much capacity does a Lvl 15 Hospital provide (excluding boosts)? In which year did Richard the Lionheart and Saladin sign a truce? Which was the actor Charlie Chaplins first ever film? Who was the first Japanese author to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature? Which of these is NOT considered one of the Five Good Emperors of the Nerva-Antonine dynasty of ancient Rome? Ranked top 20 for alliance power in their kingdom. Which of these is not an official song of the 2022 World Cup? Where were the first canned herrings made? Which of the following achievements must be completed before the Special Snowflake achievement? In Greek mythology, what was the name of Hades 3-headed dog which guarded the gates of the Underworld? The later Emperor Charles V, a member of the Austrian House of Habsburg, inherited the Low Countries and the Franche-Comt in 1506. Seager, Frederic H. "The Alsace-Lorraine Question in France, 1871-1914." What is the name of the 2022 Qatar World Cup mascot? The two capitals of Austria-Hungary were Budapest and which other city? Which Dutch scientist is known as the father of microbiology? Which of these artists was NOT a Baroque painter? How many troops can governors send with a level 17 City Hall or above? How was the Gutenberg Bible put into mass production? Which of the following works was NOT written by the musical maestro Andrew Lloyd Webber? In the 2018 World Cup, Thibaut Courtois won the Golden Glove award for best goalkeeper. What was the name of the first chimpanzee to go to space? In Greek mythology, what was Achilles only weak point? Which of these women is NOT considered one of the Four Beauties of ancient China? Which of these civilizations can increase Archer Defense? What does the word Formula in Formula 1 Racing refer to? Which state created the earliest form of paper money? In which country was Botticelli, painter of The Birth of Venus, born? What material did the craftsmen of ancient Egypt favor for sculpting statues and murals? The Great Depression on 1929-33 soured the mood in France, and plunged Germany into economic hardship and violent internal convulsions and upheavals. Remember to bookmark this page for your future reference. burgh dwellers, or people that lived in walled towns and were not nobles, priests, or peasants. Which of the following was a general during Japans Genpei War? Which pyramid is widely considered the only surviving Wonder of the Ancient World still with us today? Which goalkeeper has scored the most goals in professional soccer? In which commanders background picture can you see a chicken? This was . Which is the highest plateau in the world? What race of creatures, mythical or otherwise, lived on Asgard according to Norse myth? When was the Declaration of Independence written? Which flavor of soup can does NOT appear in Andy Warhols famous work titled Campbells Soup Cans? Francia: 30: What is the native language of Cleopatra VII, otherwise known as Cleopatra Queen? Which of these writers is considered representative of absurdism? What process is responsible for the red hues of the eponymous Red Sea? Bossa nova is a popular genre of music originating from which country? How do you get Alliance Technology Points? He realized that France deeply desired a British guarantee of its postwar borders, but that London was reluctant. Why were the bow and stern of Viking longboats designed to be symmetrical? How many beasts can you expect to see fighting alongside Lvl 20 barbarian troops in Rise of Kingdoms. What do Dragon Lancers carry in their left hand? Which of these is NOT Zeus child in Greek mythology? Which of the following is NOT considered a single-celled organism? Even though France has at times been eurosceptical in outlook, especially under President Charles de Gaulle, Franco-German agreements and cooperations have always been key to furthering the ideals of European integration. Which Ceroli Chieftain has been tasked with safeguarding Windrage Cliffs? It adopted Pro-European, Pro-German, anti British, anti liberal political and economic views. Which technology comes right before Pavise? Which of these commanders Expertise Skill is the enhanced version of an existing skill? This led to the signing of the treaty of the European Defence Community (EDC) in 1952. Which of the following commanders excels at leading cavalry? "Bilateral leadership in critical moments: France, Germany, and the management of major European integration crises. Which of the following is NOT one of Hermanns skills? "The Maastricht Treaty as High Politics: Germany, France, and European Integration. What is the Commander Hannibal Barca good at? In the COMMANDER VIEW page, what buff do commanders acting as a Drillmaster get? Which of the following does not award Individual Credits? Which of these was the only commander to defeat Cyrus the Great in battle? Which of these is the most visited art museum in the world in recent years? French National Day is on July 14 in order to coincide with which historical event? Which famous and influential family did the famous Renaissance art patron Duke Lorenzo belong to? Which team has only played a single match in the World Cup? Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality. Which of the following cat breeds is known for being hairless? It is easy to complete and the rewards for completion are worth your time. Who is the only manager to win the World Cup twice as a manager? Who is the youngest player to have played in a World Cup match? Which country was the first Asian country to reach the semi-final stage of the World Cup? German nationalists believed that a united Germany would replace France as the world's dominant land power. Which of these is the National Flower of India? What is the most abundant element in earths crust? Raphael is best known for his creation of which of the following? Which official measure made it a crime to give Martin Luther food or shelter? Which of the following is a decorative building? What is the name of the Turkish straits that divide Europe from Asia? What is the in-game nickname of Cleopatra VII? Of the below commanders, which is best suited to lead troops AGAINST infantry enemies? Which Roman Emperor was named Augustus after ending a civil war? Who is the goddess of the earth in ancient Greek mythology? What is the unlock condition for Nightmare difficulty in the Ians Ballads event? Which of these two were created by Leonardo da Vinci? When Achilles refuses to fight, Patroclus puts on Achilles armor, fights the Trojans, and dies. To support the invasion of Normandy of 1944, various groups increased their sabotage and guerrilla attacks; organizations such as the Maquis derailed trains, blew up ammunition depots, and ambushed Germans, for instance at Tulle. Why do frogs and other organism produce so many eggs/offspring? How many keys does a typical modern piano have? With whom did Minamoto no Yoshitsune raise an army to fight Taira no Kiyomori? Which commander features a ship in their background image? Whose autobiography Living to Tell the Tale won them the Nobel Prize in Literature? How many points are earned per 1 point of upgraded Power within the Stage 4: Power Upgrade segment of The Mightiest Governor event? Machu Picchu is a notable relic of which civilization? Terms in this set (28) Burghers. Which of these countries did NOT participate in the Northern Seven Years War (1563-1570)? Guild. The cone-shaped winds of tornadoes are notable for doing what? Which of these countries was NOT a founding member of NATO (in 1949)? Which of the following nations is the closest to the North Pole? How many individual quests does an Expedition involve? The Mughal Empire carried Islam to where? How many officers (excluding the alliance leader) can an alliance have? In which UK city were The Beatles founded in 1960? J.F.V. Which Egyptian city marked the boundary between Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt during the pre-dynastic period? Which two English players scored in the 1966 World Cup Final between England and Germany? In which year was the Soviet Union formally established? Which three countries will host the 2026 World Cup? Key markers were the Franco-Russian Alliance of 1894, the 1904 Entente Cordiale with Great Britain, and finally the Anglo-Russian Entente in 1907 which became the Triple Entente. German forces defeated the French armies at the Battle of Sedan. In the 2022 World Cup, which two teams stayed in university accommodations? What outstanding contribution to science won biologist Karl Landsteiner the Nobel Prize? How many teams will be participating? Keira once defied the worlds expectations about her in a glorious battle. In 1681, Louis XIV marched into the city of Strasbourg on 30 September, and proclaimed its annexation.[8]. The post-war Franco-German cooperation is based on the lyse Treaty, which was signed by Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer on 22 January 1963. From 1670 onwards the two countries were allies for almost a century, primarily to counter Habsburg ambitions to incorporate Bavaria into Austria. Which of the following commanders was effectively the ruler of their kingdom, but never officially the head of state? A: Red Where did Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, come from? Which of the following accurately describes the Arctic Circle? "Social Content of the International Sphere: Symbols and Meaning in Franco-German Relations" (Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, 2002. The building process of Feudal Monarchies, in the West, took place due to different factors:. Firstly the German army had come so close to Paris at the First Battle of the Marne there was no option for commander-in-chief Joffre but to keep attacking in the hope of removing the Germans from French soil. Ashoka the Great was the King of which Ancient Indian kingdom? The end justifies the means was a key belief of the author of The Prince. Which country was the first to invent perfume? The campaign took place during World War I. What is the largest lake on the South American continent? Which commander is nicknamed Bow of Revolution? In ancient Greek mythology, who was Hermes father? The conference of foreign ministers they convened in the Swiss resort of Locarno and agreed on a plan. Greatly increases alliance flag construction speed. In the 2022 World Cup, who faced the host country Qatar in the opening match? The southern part of the Netherlands belonged to the Frankish empire of Charlemagne, with its heartland in what is today Belgium and northern France, and spanning France, Germany, northern Italy and much of Western Europe. The ability to check alliance members online status. Despite a gradual cultural alienation during the High and Late Middle Ages, social and cultural interrelations remained present through the preeminence of Latin language and Frankish clergy and nobility. Equipment with special talent bonuses will have their attributes enhanced by what percentage when equipped to a commander with the corresponding talent? ", Committee on Budgetary Control of the Parliament, Economic and Financial Affairs configuration of the Council, Agencies, decentralised independent bodies and joint undertakings, European Institute of Innovation and Technology, Publications Office of the European Union, Post-Brexit United Kingdom relations with the European Union, International relations of the Great Powers (18141919), Organisation for European Economic Co-operation, 50 years of the twin engine - Franco-German reconciliation, European integration and reflections for Asia, "Strasbourg's eurotram aims to boost Franco-German axis", "Daten und Fakten | Deutsche im Ausland e.V. Who was the first of Henry VIIIs children to rule England? The 1,000 point achievement chest includes: The 2022 World Cup will be the first mens world cup with female referees.

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